Real estate agents act as intermediaries between home buyers and sellers in a real

estate transaction. They know the local market and can help you understand the

process, from negotiating on price to ensuring that your deal is legally sound.


New York’s real estate agents work in a variety of ways, but most are independent

contractors. They usually associate with one brokerage within their state of

licensure, and they are paid a commission for the work they do. Brokers supervise

the real estate salespeople under them, and typically collect a number of other fees

for their services, such as desk fees, transaction fees and franchise fees.


When working with buyers, a good real estate agent will listen to their clients’ needs

and desires for a home. They will also help them set realistic expectations and guide

them through the complicated process of buying a home. They will often

recommend that their clients get preapproved for a mortgage and can refer them to

reputable lenders.


A buyer’s real estate agent can also assist with finding homes on the market by

searching for properties in the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. They can use tools

like maps, photos and floor plans to showcase the features of a property. They will

also promote properties to the public by creating advertisements and holding open

houses. Also read


Once they’ve lined up a buyer, a good real estate agent will work on getting the

home under contract. They will negotiate on the seller’s behalf with the buyer and

with other brokers, and they will also help schedule home inspections and

appraisals. They will also work with the seller’s agent to prepare documents and

conduct closings.


If they are representing a seller, a good real estate agent will help them determine

the market value of a home by researching comparables and using statistics about

home sales in the area. They will then help their client set a fair asking price. If a

seller is not comfortable with the asking price, their agent can recommend ways to

reduce it.


Real estate agents juggle many tasks on any given day, and their time is valuable.

They may spend a significant amount of time on marketing by networking with other

professionals in the industry and attending conferences. They may also do regular

outreach through calls, emails, text messages and social media posts. They will also

scout neighborhoods to find properties that meet their clients’ requirements, and

they will likely make phone or in-person appointments with potential clients. If they

are successful, they can earn large commission checks. Those who aren’t can find

themselves struggling to stay in business. This is especially true in a city like New

York, where the real estate market is highly competitive. The most successful agents

learn to specialize and become the go-to agents for their niche. To do so, they have

to work hard and build up a strong client base. They also need to keep their skills

current by continuing their education through professional courses and seminars.